Storage of Lighting rigs

Mobile Turf growth lighting rigs needs to be stored in the vicinity of the pitch where they are used to grow grass. Storage space is a limited resource at most sport venues and it is important that the mobile lighting rigs has high maneuverability and a compact storage foot print.

TLS’s lighting rigs have a unique single row design and they can strategically interlock when placed next to each other to minimise the required storage footprint. TLS lighting rigs are constructed with lightweight aluminum profiles the rigs maneuverability secures safe and easy travel between the pitch and selected storage area.

6 of our largest light rig, the TLS 72, lights up an area of 2 880 square meters in usage with a storage foot print of 10 x 12,6 meters, or less than 130 square meters, less than 5% of the total lighting area.



9 of our TLS 36 rigs lights up an area of 2 160 square meters with a storage foot print of 7,4 times 13,3 meters, or less than 100 square meters, less than 5% of the lighting area.

A large fleet of TLS 36 lighting rigs in storage.

The free hight of TLS light rigs allows you to store the lighting rigs with a minimum blockage of parking slots.