TLS Service & Assistance

Long term customer satisfaction

Our Service Team ensures that your hardware investment is well taken care of and our Specialists help you keep your sports turf in excellent condition.

Through our service and support agreements and our online Turfpal Portal, our international team of service technicians and turf advisors ensures that your equipment and sports pitches stay safe and in excellent condition.

With the supply of lighting rigs, TLS provides a wide selection of service options, inclusive of extended warranties programs and buy-back options. The purpose of the Service Program is to ensure that the lighting rigs will operate safely, with high regularity and that the rigs keep their value and continue to operate with high performance throughout their lifetime.

We help you enter all your pitches, staff, equipment, and activities into the Turfpal Portal and support you in planning, execution, and logging of all turf activities and operations.

Our engineers provide you with a full shade analysis and deployment plans for the utilization of lighting rigs and turf fans.

Our turf specialists assist you in all aspects of turf health and operations. Our service includes turf inspection and assessment testing, all planned and reported in our Turfpal Assessment testing module.

Key TLS service features


  • Service programme according to your needs
  • Local commitment and presence
  • Single point of contact
  • Remote support and diagnostics (Turfpal)
  • Emergency services (immediate expert help on site)
  • Cleaning of bulbs and reflectors for improved light output
  • Spare parts management – stock holding of critical parts
  • Quick shipment of standard parts
  • Software updates
  • Upgrade and/or replacement – SWAP arrangement
  • Field repair service
  • Refurbishment and upgrade
  • Extended warranty
  • Start up services. Handover training for clients on how to set-up and operate/optimise use
  • Preventative maintenance services

Local commitment

TLS has two full-time Service Engineers based in the UK that are skilled and experienced. In addition, we have locally stored spare parts and tools in key markets. We aim to have a single point of contact for issues and questions of any kind.

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Mark Sinnett

Director Business Development