Larger rapid repair unit for Golf turf grass

The TLS LED10 CCG comes with the well proven SeeGrow Climate Control. It is tailored for Golf usage and covers an area of 8.8 m². The unit is easily transportable and easy to deploy. The unit is designed to handle the uneven surface of Golf turf.

By using only a 220-240 V single phase power supply the LED10G is very cost effective even when using a generator.

A Patented system which may be the most innovative, effective & sustainable grass growing technology in the world.

TLS 18 Lighting Rigs

Key features

  • Quick & effective recovery solution for damaged areas
  • Requires only 220-240 V single phase power
  • Lightweight & easily deployable
  • Height adjustable for uneven greens
  • Full control of light, temperature, moisture and C02

Technical Data

SIZE 4 m (l) x 2.2 m (w) 1.1 m (h) (rigid frame)
POWER 220 V – 240 V single phase 16 amps required
WEIGHT Approx. 190 kg
LIGHTS 3 Bespoke SeeGrow DAYLIGHT LED assimilation modules with bespoke wiring loom and LED drivers in each
OUTPUT Quattro modules 300 W each
WHEELS 4 Redstone turf tyres height adjustable
COVER Solid fire-retardant PVC film to create a closed environment
RUNNING COSTS kWh & gas costs (€ £ $) 6.44 per day in winter (€ £ $) 2.62 per day in summer (No heating & CO2 in summer) Using 0.10 (€ £ $) as the kW price
TEMPERATURE PLC touchscreen control over the air temperature which allows the operator to set an emergency ‘Lights off’ temperature to avoid excessive temperatures within the structure
HEATING (when required): 1 x 1.8 kW hot air heater
IRRIGATION PLC touchscreen control over moisture levels via 12 misting nozzles working off the irrigation water supply
CO2 CONTROL PLC touchscreen control over the CO2 measurement, display and on/off control of CO2 solenoid valve
CONNECTION 4G for remote connection & local WIFI connection
CABLE 100 m power supply cable (16 amps)
CO2 SUPPLY 1 x 10 kg CO2 cylinder provided by Linde Gas/BOC
TRANSPORT Easily transportable, Towable by buggy or cart

LED or HPS Grow Lights

Any rig can be fitted with LED lights, HPS lights, or a combination of the two. The rigs come in any size starting from two lights to 80 lights per units.

LED or HPS Grow Lights ?

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