TLS 9 HPS and Hybrid Lighting Rigs

The TLS 9 is fitted with 9 Hortilux grow lights and covers an area of 50 square meters at 378 μmol.

Together with Hortilux, TLS has made all new Turfpal™ rigs capable of running both HPS and LED light fixtures. Our new Hortilux LED fixtures replaces the HPS lamps one for one and they are delivered with the unique TLS lighting spectrum tailored for your pitch. The LED fixtures are twice as effective as the HPS lamps, saving 50% on energy consumption.

TLS Turfpal 72 Lightning Rigs

The TLS 9 lighting rig is perfect for improving the quality of the grass in smaller areas of the playing surface, ensuring the perfect lighting requirements for grass coverage throughout the entire year. The HPS lighting fixtures on the TLS 9 also applies additional heat, increasing the temperature at grass level which is ideal for the winter months.

The TLS 9 comes with two alternative operational systems. One is our new system that connects to our web based Turfpal™ turf management software enabling remote operation of the rigs using the Turfpal™ app. The second alternative is a basic and lower cost system where the rig is operated from a local control panel, inclusive of a timer module and on/off switches.

Key features

  • Smart local and remote operation through Turfpal™
  • User friendliness and lightweight aluminium construction
  • Compact design reduces storage area requirement up to 50% versus the competition
  • Single row and foldable design provides high flexibility in coverage area and light level
  • Light (PAR) sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Available as Hybrid rig with 5 x HPS and 4 x LED fixtures
TLS-9T-7 on field

Technical Data


Lighting footprints and light level options 50 m2 at 378 μmol
Weight HPS Light Only – 190 kilograms with 9 HPS Fixtures
Hybrid rig with 5 x HPS and 4 x LED – 220 kilograms
Light Fixtures (Bulbs), 9 units on each rig HPS: 1000W Hortilux HSE NXT2 fixture
LED: Hortiled 525 W Top Intense
Dimensions (unfolded, maximum footprint) L: 6 050 mm, W: 2 000 mm, H: 2 290mm
Dimensions (folded, minimum footprint/storage) L: 6 050 mm, W: 2 000 mm, H: 2 290mm
Power Supply Requirements 1 x 16 A 400V Three-phase 5 pin supply. 1 x 13 A load with 9 x 1000W HPS lamps, or 1 x 10 A load with Hybrid set up with 5 HPS and 4 LED fixtures
TLS 9 Basic operational system On/off switch and timer module.
TLS 9 Turfpal™ operational system Turf management software enabling remote operation of the rigs via app.
Smart Turfpal™ PLC Control Box Temperature, PAR sensor, energy meter. Local operation through touch screen. Soft start and stop of the lights.
Turfpal™ Turf Management System The control box is wirelessly /4G connected with the Turfpal™ portal. The software collects information from local sensors and weather stations and offers online monitoring and control of the lighting rigs. Turfpal™ provides historical user data, offers full remote operation and monitoring of the lighting rig.
CE Approved and Certified The TLS 9 is a fully CE approved construction, inclusive of mechanical parts, light fixtures, electrical installation and parts.

LED or HPS Grow Lights

Any rig can be fitted with LED lights, HPS lights, or a combination of the two. The rigs come in any size starting from two lights to 80 lights per units.

LED or HPS Grow Lights ?

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