Footprint of 35m2 >300 μmol. Comes with high-quality LED grow lighting, heating, and sensors to control and monitor light, temperature and energy. 

TLS 18 Lighting Rigs

In collaboration with SeeGrow, TLS has developed a new product line of growing systems compatible with Turfpal. Our latest LED luminaires have been engineered to incorporate a tailored lighting spectrum, thereby ensuring optimal efficiency. By employing the precise combination of light and heat you will achieve rapid and sustainable growth of turf grass throughout the entire season.

The growing system offers both manual and automatic operation modes. In the automatic mode, you can set your parameters, and the control system will ensure that the turf grass receives adequate light and heat. The automatic mode prevents any unnecessary energy consumption by eliminating the operation of lighting and heating when not required.

Thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction, the rig is user-friendly and easy to maneuver in and out of facilities. 

All TLS lighting rigs are equipped with a local mobile phone and tablet application and can be conveniently upgraded to our cloud-based turf management application, Turfpal.

Key features

  • Smart control through app and Turfpal
  • High-quality LED lighting, heating and sensors
  • User friendly and lightweight aluminium construction
  • Compact design reduces storage area requirement up to 50% versus the competition
  • Single row design provides high flexibility in coverage area and light level
  • Light sensor (PAR)
  • Surface temperature sensor
  • Energy meters

Technical Data

Lighting Footprint

35 m2 > 300 μmol


4 x 1000W IP55

LED luminaire

18 x 205W IP67 Full light spectrum control

Power Supply

1 x 16A 400V three-phase 5-pin supply

Power Consumption



L: 6 050mm, W: 2 000 mm, H:1 980mm


~260 kg

Operator System

Turfpal and /or mobile phone and tablet application


Surface temperature, PAR, GPS tracking, energy monitoring and logging* for both light and heating 


LTE**, Wifi or Ethernet***


CE approved construction, including mechanical parts, luminaires, heaters, electrical installation and parts. Other approvals and certificates are available on request

*Data logging is only available with Turfpal     **Require mobile data-package subscription     ***Require Turfpal Connect

LED or HPS Grow Lights

Any rig can be fitted with LED lights, HPS lights, or a combination of the two. The rigs come in any size starting from two lights to 80 lights per units.

LED or HPS Grow Lights ?

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