TLS Turfpal Lighting Rigs

The unique TLS lightweight aluminium lighting rigs are user friendly and easy to move in and out of the pitch. The rigs are designed to minimise storage space requirements and to provide great mobility for tight access pitches. The natural uncoated aluminium constructions ensure low life cycle cost, and aluminium is fully recyclable.

The TLS rigs are fully integrated within Turfpal, an online Sport Turf Management, Monitoring and Control system. The rigs are operated using any online phone, tablet or PC connected to Turfpal

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Select Your TLS Lighting Rig

TLS Firefly


TLS 18

TLS 36

TLS Turfpal 72 Lightning Rigs

TLS 72

LED or HPS Grow Lights

Any rig can be fitted with LED lights, HPS lights, or a combination of the two. The rigs come in any size starting from two, up to 80 lights.

LED or HPS Grow Lights ?

Storage of Lighting Rigs

Storage space is a limited resource at most sport venues and it is important that the mobile lighting rigs has high maneuverability and a compact storage foot print.

Storage of Lighting Rigs